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The Moody Dudes started out as a fun radio project, but were an unexpected hit with kids (including the grown-up kind). Our samples were adored, in particular the Mini Moody Dudes - the potato-sized Couch Potatoes. 

In The Beginning:

The Moody Dudes were originally designed as a fun project for a local radio station. They were designed to be fun, cute, lovable friends that would be a great conversation starter on people's couches. 

Our couch potatoes were a massive hit with callers, and people would upload photos to the station of their couch potato around the world. 

An Instant Hit:

The Moody Dudes combine my two great passions: design, and kids. My family are all industrial designers, and I work with them at our small industrial design agency Form Designs. When I first saw the Moody Dudes, I knew they were going to be an instant hit with kids. As it turns out, I was right. The samples we had around the office were an instant hit with the kids who came to visit us. When kids came to see us, they would all go straight to the Moody Dudes, creating stories and adventures, and happily play until they left.

One of the adorable little girls that visited us loved it so much that she walked out of the office with it when she left. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it didn't belong to her, so I told her mother that she could keep it. We had a couple of other samples lying around in the office that we put in the Kids Corner. But soon enough I had given away all our Moody Dudes to children who will love them.



Helping Children with Emotions:

I have a lot of feedback saying that the cushion has helped their child understand and express emotions. Some of the feedback has indicated that it helped their child deal with problems that they were having at school or at home. We even heard of one parent using it to show the child that she was angry - helping the child understand how her actions affected others. Although they are a fun and lovable toy, they also have the potential to be so much more. I think that they will be particularly valuable for children with disabilities to help them develop emotional awareness skills. 

Launching the Mini Moody Dudes

The Mini Moody Dudes are the pint sized version of the original Moody Dudes. They are great fun as a desk toy in the office, school or home. They are very cute and make a great present for both genders. The Mini Moody Dudes will be available for order online.

We look forward to spreading the fun with the Moody Dudes!

Victoria Khoury

Head of Happiness at Moody Dude HQ.

Form Designs are Industrial Designers based in Perth, Australia. To learn more about Form Designs visit their website, www.formdesigns.com.au.


Although they are a fun and lovable toy, they have the potential to be so much more.
                                         Victoria Khoury                 Head of Happiness at the Moody Dudes

                                         Victoria Khoury

                Head of Happiness at the Moody Dudes

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